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Product Description

Bio Blitz Urinal blocks are water soluble blocks formulated to disinfect and deodorize men’s urinals. These urinal cakes contain natural and friendly bacteria which produce Enzymes that digest and remove uric salt, sludge and scale, preventing offensive odors and blockages in urinals. Bio Blitz Urinal Blocks are environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable and 100% Chemical Free.

This is a simple and cost-effective solution that unlike traditional deodorising urinal blocks breaks down urine and related waste products down to water and basic minerals eliminating the source of the problem rather than just masking it.

The Bio Blitz Urinal Blocks are the best solution to eliminate odour in urinals. These urinal “cakes” can be used in both wall hung urinals and trough urinals. Bio Blitz urinal blocks contain natural citric fragrance that deodorises urinals and eliminates unpleasant odours in washrooms whilst improving the washroom hygiene.

Bio Blitz Urinal blocks come with copper inhibitor to help coat and maintain the brass plumbing found in many older buildings.