Chromagen Solar Hot Water Systems

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Product Description

Soak in the sunshine and SAVE

Did you know – Water heating accounts for around 25% of the energy consumption in the average Australian home?

With a Chromagen solar hot water system you can literally soak in the warmth of the sun whilst reducing your water heating bills.

Solar hot water systems are highly efficient water heaters that use the sun’s unlimited and FREE energy to pre-heat your water. They can provide up to 80% of your hot water heating needs and will therefore slash your water heating costs.

The benefits of solar hot water:

  • A reliable supply of hot water in any weather or time of day
  • Reduces power consumption and power bills
  • Improves the energy efficiency of your home
  • May make your home more attractive to buyers
  • Reduces emissions of harmful greenhouse gases
  • Eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates. Eligibility criteria apply

Ground Mounted (Split) Systems

Split systems combine roof-mounted collectors with a ground-mounted tank to improve the aesthetics of your roof, reduce structural load and provide more installation flexibility.

Roof Mounted Systems

In a roof top (thermosiphon) system the tank and collectors are coupled together on the roof in a traditional arrangement. Ideal where ground space is limited.