Rainwater is a valuable natural resource that has been collected by Australian households for domestic use since colonial times. Using rainwater can save our dwindling supplies of drinking water and reduce our water bills. It can provide an alternative water supply for all domestic uses.

It’s not just individuals who can save money by reducing their dependence on mains water, either. The cost of supplying mains water to the community continues to increase as the construction and maintenance of dams, pipes and desalination plants is huge, and tax and rate payers’ foot the bill. The less people reliant upon these systems, the less they will need to be expanded.   Depending on tank size and climate, mains water use can be reduced by up to 100%.

Rainwater harvesting also decreases stormwater runoff, thereby helping to reduce local flooding and scouring of creeks.

Complete Enviro Solutions have installed many residential rainwater reuse systems helping our valued clients reduce their dependence on potable water. We are the preferred supplier of rainwater collection systems for Landcorp’s White Gum Valley Project.



Did you know that fresh water, which we drink and use in our homes, constitutes less than 1% of the earth’s water? The rest of the earth’s water is salt water found in oceans and seas and our rainfall has been declining since the 1970’s. All this means we must work together to reduce water use and reuse water.

A greywater system can help save our finite sources of drinking water by irrigating gardens with water from the bath, shower, washing machine, and laundry trough.

Greywater generation will vary according to the water usage practices of everyone in the household and the use of water efficiency devices. However, the average house (based on three persons per house) uses 825L of water every day. This equates to approximately 120L of greywater per person per day or 131,400 litres per year. Of these 40 litres/day is produced in the laundry and 60 litres/day from the bathroom (ANZS 1547:2000).

It is essential to use “plant friendly” products, those without lots of salt, boron, or chlorine bleach. Complete Enviro Solutions has a range of greywater friendly products available for sale.

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