Solar Water Heating

Water heating is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from an average Australian home and accounts for nearly 21% of the energy and generates about 23% of the greenhouse gas emissions. By installing a solar hot water heater, you can enjoy free energy from the sun and protect against rising energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. The cost of purchase can be offset by Government rebates and may increase the value of your property.

Heat pump water heaters are treated as solar water heaters as they absorb warmth from the air heated by the sun and transfer it to heat water. Hence they are also referred to as ‘air-source heat pumps. They operate on electricity but are roughly three times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater. When used in the right environment they save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Complete Enviro Solutions recommends a 270-litre tank for three or more people. A 180-litre tank is available for smaller households and rental applications. These have a similar efficiency to an electrically boosted solar hot water system. No roof mounted solar panels are required leaving more available space for solar power panels to generate electricity. They are designed to work in all climates and come with an electric boost element to ensure a continuous supply of hot water. This heat pump is one of the quietest on the market at 46Db-49Db when operating.

Heat Pumps compliment Solar Power

The most efficient solar hot water system is a heat pump powered by a solar PV system because: 

  1. Heat pumps have a minimal and controlled known amount of power draw.  These units can easily be timed during peak solar generating hours. Because they usually draw only one kilowatt or less, this low power draw makes it much more likely rooftop solar will provide enough power to run them without needing to draw power from the electricity grid.
  2. Heat pumps take up zero roof space leaving more roof area for a solar power system
  3. Heat pumps act like a thermal battery, storing the Energy (via hot water) for when you need it i.e. evening/morning showers
  4. Under the current WA Feed-in Tariff there is no encouragement to sell your renewable power, so it is better to use.

There is just no reason economically for new homes to be built with both electricity and gas. For new homes, the best choice is to go all-electric and install solar PV.

Complete Enviro Solutions can offer package pricing for a solar heat pump hot water system and a solar power system.

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